VRK Games Pvt. Ltd is a new name in the gaming sector that marks its presence in March 2019. The company is dedicated towards developing top-notch games having high quality graphics and is always ready to extemporize and define newer heights in the world of gaming. Our focus is on providing user-friendly games with futuristic technologies, and behind that we have a highly skilled team working passionately for the company that explores the untapped area in the gaming sector.


VRK emphasizes on nothing less than designing fantastical UI/UX for its users. Our success lies in creating a world of gaming which is pleasing to the eyes, oozing ease and absolutely a glitch free gaming platform. Our high-end graphics and enlivened designing are sure to sweep our users off their feet


Our games are indigenous in nature and we believe in revival of our culture through our gaming apps. Our games, are not merely games, they will connect you to your roots, they will bring back your childhood days and at the same time they will transport you to the world of fantasy. Our games emphasize on skilling your mind, making you socially active and make you more agile mentally. VRK build games which are technically sound and visually a treat and an experience to take you far from reality.

Meet Our Team

Our team at VRK includes some of the leading game developers, AR/VR specialists, designers, artists, animators and technology experts of the industry. We believe in continuous innovation as the key to building successful games. As a leading mobile application development company, we’re passionate and zealous about experimenting with modernistic technologies and aim to integrate creative vision and technical expertise with project management capabilities to corroborate user’s satisfaction

Agni Shukla

Social Media Manager

Yaman Sharma

Marketing Head


Content Head

Manish Gupta

Game developer

Developed in Bharat, Developed by Bhartiye

We at VRK, completely stand by the thought of going “Vocal for Local”. We advocate the thought of making our country self-reliant and using local products and services only. It will surely help India to carve a path for itself and lead the world across various industries. Taking this initiative forward, we firmly believe India should have its own online gaming fraternity, by providing all genres of games to its fellow Indians. And undoubtedly, we have made a great progress and now at the fore front of the gaming industry. VRK proudly design flawless games for India and support the thought of “Developed in Bharat. Developed by Bhartiya”.

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