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VRK emphasizes on nothing less than designing fantastical UI/UX for its users. Our success lies in creating a world of gaming which is pleasing to the eyes, oozing ease and absolutely a glitch free gaming platform. Our high-end graphics and enlivened designing are sure to sweep our users off their feet.

How we work

The first phase of the mobile app development process is all about ideation. Defining the strategy, the process, the briefing and the objective is ideated. It is the most crucial step for evolving the idea into a successful app. Pre – designing of the app is done at this stage. Which includes working out everything from what the product is about to for whom it’s being developed, to what technologies it should use and how we can scale its success.
The core purpose of an app’s design is to deliver seamless and simple user experiences with a polished look. The success of a mobile app is determined largely on how well users are adopting and benefiting from all its features. We give prime importance to this step of the app development as a design is a backbone of any game to be successful because ultimately it is all about the ease of its usability.
Development is the most critical part as it is the pillar of the app. The functioning, technology, speed, everything depends on the process of development. As the development progresses, the app goes through various stages. Once the development procedure is completed the app is released to a certain group of external users for intensive testing. After the bugs are fixed, the app is fit for deployment phase where it’s ready for the release
Every app needs new features and technological updates. As soon as the first version of the app is released, the development cycle begins afresh. And we make sure that our technology and our apps are always up to date. Our supremely skilled team always keeps abreast with the latest technologies and updates.

What We Work

Android App Development

From window shopping to, online shopping, net surfing, to now, app surfing! World is changing fast, and in this new world “Apps” have taken a new place in everyone’s mind space. Our little smart phone has literally everything into it

IOS App Development

VRK Games is a leading mobile game app development company. We develop games for android as well as iOS software. Our team of highly skilled developers delivers nothing less than the best in the industry. We follow robust strategies

Hybrid App Development

Our team of experts develops robust, high-quality, and interactive mobile apps which runs seamlessly over various platforms. We make sure to provide engaging as well as a simplistic UI/UX with best-in-class quality on multiple platforms.

Our Leadership

Agni Shukla

Social Media Manager

Yaman Sharma

Marketing Head


Content Head

Manish Gupta

Game developer

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