iOS App Development

iOS App Development

VRK Games is a leading mobile game app development company. We develop games for android as well as iOS software. Our team of highly skilled developers delivers nothing less than the best in the industry. We follow robust strategies and adopt cutting-edge technologies for creating mobile apps that are compatible to the latest version of iOS and Android platforms.

Highlighting iOS app development here, our squad of immensely qualified and experienced iOS developers excels in delivering comprehensive iOS solutions. We keep the industry best practices in mind while we are developing our products.

iOS is a platform which has given a whole new face to app economy. The user interface and features of iPhone / iPad devices has increased the demand of iOS app development to many folds now. We take pride in calling ourselves as the top iOS game development company in Noida because of the detailed process and steps we follow to develop our iOS apps.

iOS application development & designing

Varying from high-level to low-level, these technologies offer a wide range of graphics, gameplay and social features to make the titles even better.  The designing of UI/UX in an application is as important as the development process involved in the entire application as it is the backbone of any app.

An intensive research is done on tools and technologies to be used, right from the framework, language, platforms to the versions.

We take the iOS SDK (Software Development Kit) into consideration while developing the mobile applications on iOS.  Integrated with Xcode, the iOS SDK helps engineers with composing iOS applications including formally upheld programming dialects, using Swift and Objective-C.

Let us explain you briefly about our iOS app development process:

  • Requirement Analysis: We discuss and brainstorm in depth about the objective, look & feel and functioning of the app.
  • Identification of the Core Team: Once the idea and objective is locked, we decide on the team which will be dedicated to that particular app basis on their specialization.
  • Wire framing of the App:  Wireframe is like a pillar to the app; it helps in understanding the flow of the game and gives an idea of how the game would function. It also helps the designers get a crux of the system flow and aid them in creating flawless and accurate design.
  • UI/UX design: We believe the aim of an app’s design is to develop seamless and effortless user experiences with a suave look. The success of a mobile app is based on how well users are adopting and benefiting from all its features. It is imperative for mobile app UI / UX design to create excellent user experiences making your app interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly.
  • App Development: For iOS app development, we use the following technologies,

Language: Swift, Objective C

IDE: XCode

Database: SQLite, Realm, CoreData

At this stage, defining of the development milestones is extremely crucial to track the progress.

  • Testing: It is inevitable to keep testing the app. It helps us in building a flawless app.

Our QA team runs multiple tests to make sure that the app works perfectly. We do not leave any stone unturned to make sure our apps are absolutely glitch free. We perform Functional and Non Functional Testing.

  • Launching of the App:  Once we are completely satisfied with our app, we register the app on the AppStore for the launch.
  • Post-production support:  Every app needs new features and technological updates. As soon as the first version of the app is released, the development cycle begins afresh. And we make sure that our technology and our apps are always up to date. Our supremely skilled team always keeps abreast with the latest technologies and updates.

With so much going on in the iOS mobile app development trend, we make sure we are well versed with the market and the industry to stand out and remain the best.

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